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Oyster Club

Meet the Award-Winning Creators

Creating a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive. 

There are hundreds of incredible chefs in Connecticut who exemplify our state’s Creative Spirit – the innate drive to explore, innovate, and express themselves through outstanding culinary creations. These are individuals who not only nourish our bodies, but our souls and communities as well. Chef Renee Touponce of Mystic’s Oyster Club and Port of Call exemplifies this longstanding Connecticut tradition.

What’s so great about living in Connecticut is the land and sea and all the farmers and hands that are involved in making it happen before we even start to prep.

Renee Touponce, Executive Chef of Port of Call and Oyster Club

Both in and out of the kitchen, she creates a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Chef Renee’s work, and that of her team on behalf of the Human Rights Council, is a testament to how chefs can be leaders both inside and outside of the kitchen. We need more people like her in communities across America.

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