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Athletic Brewing Company

Meet the Iconoclasts

Leading a company with positivity, inclusion, and collaboration. 

In a world where brewing is synonymous with alcohol, two rebel innovators emerged, challenging the axiom that beer had to be alcoholic to be delicious. They believed in a different truth, one where taste and enjoyment transcended the need for intoxication. And so it was that emboldened by Connecticut’s value proposition for innovation, Bill Shufelt and John Walker parleyed their vision into the largest, most successful nonalcoholic brewing company in the country.

When Athletic Brewing was being founded, we were pitching an impossible idea to Angel Investors, and the world … and the state of CT recognized the unique technological and innovative approach we were taking.

 Bill Shufelt, Co-Founder & CEO, Athletic Brewing Company

The Athletic Brewing name came from a desire to be positive and aspirational.  And with the mantra to be positive, inclusive, encouraging, and collaborative. That’s exactly how Bill and John lead their company and their lives — from the inside out.

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