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Climate Action

In Connecticut, individuals and organizations are fueling a burgeoning green movement, addressing all aspects of sustainability and ensuring its solid backing.

To gain insight into this dynamic scene, three local experts weigh in on sustainability, discussing their perspectives on climate action within the state.

A Scene for Environmental Change

Connecticut is growing greener. Thanks to strong legislative leadership and advocacy from residents, environmental careers are increasing in demand, especially in the solar and alternative transportation sectors.

From operating the nation’s first state-level green bank to being a top 10 state for sustainability specialist careers, Connecticut’s environmental scene is flourishing. Cool companies are doing green things and the state is ready to back them.

Supporting Sustainability

Here, sustainability is not merely experiencing growth, but rather it is actively promoted and supported.

In 2011, the governor and legislature created the first state-level green bank, the Connecticut Green Bank, which has supported the creation of more than 26,000 green jobs in the state, while reducing the energy cost burden on over 66,000 families, businesses, and nonprofits.

The Green Bank’s mission is to confront climate change by increasing and accelerating investment into the state’s green economy to create more resilient, healthier, equitable communities.

Support also comes from Sustainable CT’s Community Match Fund, where public sustainability projects receive fast, flexible funding so they can start making a difference quickly.

The nonprofit offers individual certifications and a Climate Leader designation, celebrating towns that are reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and preparing their communities for the impacts of climate change.

Meanwhile, the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs is supporting not only the environment but also the livelihoods of workers and their communities.

How? By bringing together labor, environmental, social justice, and interreligious organizations to create campaigns that combat climate change; create jobs; and promote racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Driving Progress: Impact & Involvement

In the realm of environmental transformation, younger generations are demonstrating heightened awareness compared to their predecessors, actively striving for solutions.

Local young professionals are actively engaged through grassroots organizations and municipal committees, working toward inclusive and resilient communities that benefit everyone.

They possess a keen understanding of the interconnectedness of social and environmental challenges and are advocating for comprehensive solutions that address both aspects.

To foster meaningful engagement, communities must possess the knowledge to make informed decisions and implement proactive measures for environmental justice. Consequently, Connecticut persistently strives to expand its array of sustainability solutions, ensuring they are accessible to all residents.

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