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Sustainability is flourishing in Connecticut. Doers are powering up a green scene tackling “eco-friendly” at every angle, from food production and energy solutions to furniture production, environmental engineering, and beyond. See how the state is making a difference —and where green careers are growing.

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Some careers can change the world. Working in sustainability not only betters the environment, but it also elicits the reward of making a difference every day you’re on the job. 

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In Connecticut, individuals and organizations are fueling a burgeoning green movement, addressing all aspects of sustainability and ensuring its solid backing.

To gain insight into this dynamic scene, three local experts weigh in on sustainability, discussing their perspectives on climate action within the state.

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Considering a move to Connecticut, but not interested in relying on a car to move around the state? Don’t worry; from hopping a bus, ridesharing, pedaling, or hoofing it, there are lots of ways to remain eco-conscious and get around without a car.

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