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Yinka Oni-Orisan Trailblazes in Connecticut


So, why did you choose to live and work in Connecticut?

My parents migrated to Connecticut from Nigeria in the early ’80s and I was born in Hartford. At a young age, they taught me about entrepreneurship and inspired me to be creative; my mom owned a hair salon and beauty supply store called BEANOY in Hartford, and my dad owned a tech company called Information Management Systems in New Britain.  

I was raised in Bloomfield and I’m currently living in Farmington. I love being a young creative professional in Connecticut! Living here has allowed me to pursue all my passions at once while still having time to get out and enjoy my favorite spots. 


What career opportunities have you found here in Connecticut?

I’m a digital content creator, jewelry designer, and supply chain professional. I’ve made a career that’s multifaceted and totally tailored to who I am. I’ve been designing jewelry since high school and launched my own companies, Akeyno Studio and Yinka Orisan. 

In 2015, I decided to start my blog, Yours Truly Yinka, and have not looked back since. It’s my creative outlet – an expression of my thoughts, inspirations, and love for fashion, beauty, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship. It’s where I document my journey as an African American millennial. 

I applied my Howard University education in supply chain management to four years at Pratt & Whitney, where I honed my procurement and project management skills. Recently I started a remote role with TikTok that lets me live and work right here, in Connecticut, where I want to be. I’ve really had the opportunity to do it all!


Any Connecticut myths you’d like to bust?

That Connecticut is too small. The state’s size actually makes it special! Unique personalities shine here.

Yinka captured a day in the life in Connecticut. Take a look!


What, if any, advantages do you think Millennials have in Connecticut?

Starting your career here is great because there are so many resources. And because of that, you can pursue multiple passions at once – and succeed in them. You can truly differentiate yourself here.

Good food, fun events, and great people are just a few reasons why I choose to build my life here.


What would you tell someone your age who’s considering moving here?

You find your people here. I love Connecticut because there are so many ways to connect with, learn from, and support others around you. And living here is filled with hidden gems from parks and beaches, to a great food scene. My favorite spots are Zohara, Max Oyster Bar, and Bricco.

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