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There’s no place like home, and it’s easy to make yours here. Our schools are always among the top in the nation. Our communities are ranked among the safest in the country every year. In fact, we’re home to America’s safest city: Ridgefield. Looking for a nice trek? Connecticut is the nation’s #1 state for hiking — and you can find a state park within 15 minutes of anywhere in the state.

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Considering a move to Connecticut, but not interested in relying on a car to move around the state? Don’t worry; from hopping a bus, ridesharing, pedaling, or hoofing it, there are lots of ways to remain eco-conscious and get around without a car.

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Connecticut is one state with a whole lot of everything. Not only is it a good place to put down roots or build your career, it’s a good place for, well, just about anyone. Between the good quality of life, affordable housing, in-demand amenities, and central location, it’s no surprise the state is getting more and more attention.

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