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Making it in Connecticut’s Tech Scene

MedTech, InsurTech, FinTech, and More

Today, technology is one of the most innovative sectors in the global economy. And in Connecticut it’s powering every sector in our economy—from MedTech and InsurTech to FinTech, SportsTech and advanced manufacturing.

And because it’s now integral to advancing so many industries, it’s creating lots of cool opportunities here. With more than 7,500 businesses, the tech industry accounts for almost 8% of Connecticut’s entire workforce. (And wages run about 67% higher than the national median average!)

Source: Cyberstates.org

Reimagine Process and Innovation for Daily Activities

Here the action (and ideas) are not just confined to hardware, software, and networks. But rather, dominated by vision and imagination to help ease, enhance, transform, and yes, save lives. For example:

  • Encapsulate in Farmington is developing a tumor-on-a-chip system to grow cancer cells outside the body to test chemo drugs and offer truly personalized cancer care.
  • Datto in Norwalk provides cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for small/mid-size businesses across the globe.
  • Medtronic in North Haven leverages robotics and other innovative technologies to create life-changing medical devices.
  • Polarity in Farmington uses augmented reality to enhance computer screen memory to help employees collaborate more efficiently.
  • Arccos Golf in Stamford has pioneered the first AI platform to help golfers improve their game.
  • Butterfly Network in Guilford is refining point-of-care technology to transform smartphones into portable ultrasound devices.
  • Fiserv in Glastonbury creates automation solutions that help people and businesses move money and information — at the point of thought.
  • LambdaVision in Farmington is designing and developing an artificial retina to cure blindness and conducting research for it on the International Space Station.

A True Hub of Excitement

Today, not only are major global and tech firms building here in Connecticut, but many tech accelerators and hubs are forming to nurture, fund and expand tech companies of all sizes and in a broad range of industries. From entrepreneurial startups to large corporations and just about every size in between, Connecticut’s technology sector offers a robust ecosystem where you can find exciting opportunities to put your skills to work right now…and where your skills will be in demand for a long time to come.

Just a few of these innovative technology partnerships:

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