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Making it in Connecticut’s Manufacturing Scene

Opportunities for Next-Gen Innovators

A chance to learn from masters of their craft and be inspired by visionaries in their field…that’s what Connecticut offers the next generation of advanced manufacturers.

Accelerating Progress in Every Sector

More than 4,400 manufacturing companies now operate in Connecticut1 — from multinational original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to leading component and composite suppliers. Manufacturers in Connecticut produce everything from precision instruments for healthcare to bike racks. In fact, 92% of Connecticut’s billions of dollars in exports are from the manufacturing sector.2

1Connecticut has a network of 4,400+ manufacturers. Source: Emsi, 2019. Source date: January 1, 2020
2 National Association of Manufacturers, Connecticut Manufacturing Facts, 2019. Source date: May 31, 2019

Build Tomorrow’s Advances Today

As part of Connecticut’s dynamic manufacturing sector, you can play an active role in developing all kinds of innovative products for an array of industries. Here is just a small sampling of what’s currently being designed and produced across Connecticut.

  • At Stanley Black & Decker in New Britain, they’re introducing the world’s first AI-enabled robotic pill dispenser.
  • At UTC’s Research Center in East Hartford, they’re using quantum computing to design stronger, lighter metals for aerospace.
  • At Sikorsky in Stratford, they’re working on a driverless helicopter.
  • At Skyre, they’re innovating new life support systems for spacecraft and submarines.
  • At QuEST Global, they’re engineering new medical imaging devices that can help detect cancer nodules more accurately.
  • At Cadenza Innovation, they’re designing safer, lower-cost, higher-performing batteries for utilities, commercial/industrial sectors, and EVs.
  • At Thule, they’re expanding their lineup to include an award-winning stroller designed specifically for city life.
  • At JuiceBar, they are developing the next generation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Benefit from Our History of Innovation

Since Eli Whitney introduced the cotton gin and championed the case for interchangeable parts in the late 1700s, Connecticut’s manufacturers have been advancing the production process. Early on, Connecticut was a leading supplier of firearms, textiles, brass products, silver goods, clocks and watches, hardware, and tools. In fact, some of the country’s oldest manufacturers are still headquartered in the state.

It’s this long tradition of manufacturing within exacting standards that has positioned Connecticut’s manufacturers so well to continue pioneering more efficient processes, innovative materials, and new inventions. 

There are countless Connecticut manufacturers looking for the next generation of innovators. In fact, nearly one of every 10 Connecticut employees works in manufacturing, and the demand for more skilled manufacturing employees continues to grow. Whether you want to work for a small business or a multinational manufacturer, Connecticut is the place to advance your manufacturing career.

A Few of Connecticut’s Largest Advanced Manufacturers

For a listing of Connecticut manufacturers, please visit https://www.connstep.org/made-in-ct/

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