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Manufacturing Mavens

Driving Innovation and Excellence

Building tomorrow’s advances today, Connecticut is one of the nation’s key manufacturing hubs. With over 4,400 specialized companies you can get in on developing all kinds of innovative products for an array of industries.

Nearly 1 of every 10 Connecticut employees works in manufacturing, and the demand for more skilled employees continues to grow! Here are a few locals who are pushing the advancement of manufacturing technology

Many people have unconventional paths into manufacturing and in Connecticut, you’ll find a variety of companies ready and willing to help start your career.

Some of the most highly technical parts in the world are made right here, and I like knowing what I work on each day keeps me and my family safe. 

This next generation of manufacturers, Generation Alpha, is helping make our industry clean, lean, green and very sexy, becoming more digital every day. 

Mentoring within the industry allows engineers to shine their light and provide support for the future of manufacturing 

Connecticut is a powerhouse in aerospace and the industrial gas turbine industry, thanks to the huge ecosystem we have here. 

Our Women in Manufacturing resource group embraces diversity in the industry, which is vitally important. 

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