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Sub/Urban Roundup

The AT WORK Edition

Not only is Connecticut a good place to put down roots, but it’s also a good place to build or grow your career. Here’s proof.

A Happy Place to Work

Connecticut’s strategic location and proximity to New York and Boston, dynamic economy, high pay, and enviable work culture are just a few reasons people are flocking to jobs here.

A Magnet For Top Talent

Attracting movers and shakers of all kinds, Connecticut’s workforce is skilled, well-educated, and high performing. So, you’ll be in good company.

Top Employers

An established heavyweight in insurance, manufacturing, and aerospace, Connecticut is rapidly making a name for itself in today’s growing industries. Combined with the unmatched intellectual capital and performance of Connecticut’s workforce and a business climate that helped lock in a 7th Best State for Business ranking, top employers put their roots down in the Nutmeg State.

An Incubator of Innovation

A state that birthed everything from the nuclear submarine, helicopter, to the frisbee – and, though hotly debated, the hamburger – discovery and innovation are core to Connecticut’s DNA.

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