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Sub/Urban Roundup

The AT HOME Edition

Connecticut is one state with a whole lot of everything. Not only is it a good place to put down roots or build your career, it’s a good place for, well, just about anyone. Between the good quality of life, affordable housing, in-demand amenities, and central location, it’s no surprise the state is getting more and more attention.


…for living the good life

Ever feel like you breathe a little easier when you’re here? It’s not in your head! When you’re here, you live welland feel good. Here’s more:

…for homebuyers

Build your nest—and your nest egg—here in Connecticut. With 50% lower housing costs than New York City, and a 14-48% lower cost of living than Boston or New York City, putting down roots has never been so affordable.

…for equity

Connecticut is more than a magnet for Millennials and Gen Zers. The state attracts people from all parts of the world and all generations—and welcomes them with open arms.

…for foodies

The birthplace of the hot dog, steamed hamburgers, charred thin-crust New Haven-style apizza, and (dare we say, superior) lobster roll, Connecticut has a long history of satisfying and surprising palates—a legacy we proudly continue today.

…for nature lovers

From exploring cascading waterfalls to whitewater rafting to breathing in the fresh air or cutting fresh tracks through six inches of powder, Connecticut has natural beauty and recreational opportunities that appeal to outdoor adventurers and environmentalists alike.

…for families

Whether you’re looking to settle down and start—or keep growing—your family, Connecticut’s a good place to raise a family. 

Ready to live your best life? Start calling Connecticut home. Want more info? See what it’s like working here.

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