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Beyond Hollywood blockbusters like Indiana Jones and indie darlings like Mystic Pizza, our entertainment industry produces well-known TV with the likes of WWE and ESPN. Plus, Connecticut produces tons of romance, comedy, and family flicks on the Hallmark Channel. Now that calls for some extra butter, please!


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A state for creators, makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs

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Emmy-nominated Moveable Feast with Relish selected Connecticut as a stop along their 13-episode series. The show teams up with the world’s most innovative chefs, known for their use of fresh regional ingredients, to create spontaneous, delicious feasts in unique settings for friends and family.

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When Sky Casper returned home to Connecticut, he knew he had the grit to revamp the LGBTQ+ scene – and that the state had the potential to be a vibrant hot spot for the community. Now, he’s managing talent, producing popular drag shows, and more throughout Connecticut.

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Coming from an artistic background, Kolton knew his dreams centered around creativity — but he never expected to make such a meaningful impact on so many people, right in his home state.

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