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Connecticut’s arts and culture community is tight-knit. The state’s compact size means a closer network, a less saturated industry, and more opportunities to create new projects that stand out. With influence from major nearby cultural hubs like New York City, artists can be among the best of the best while still making an impact and connecting on a more local level.

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A state for creators, makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs

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The arts scene in Connecticut is roaring. Young artists are collaborating, creating, and getting into the spotlight.

To get a behind-the-scenes look, four arts and culture thought leaders provide perspective on how locals, performers, and organizations are creating the next big thing.

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Coming from an artistic background, Kolton knew his dreams centered around creativity — but he never expected to make such a meaningful impact on so many people, right in his home state.

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Order: Black Coffee
Location: Fussy Coffee, New Haven
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Current Town: Westville section of New Haven
Career: Hip-Hop Artist

#2 LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index in the U.S.
Top 10 State to Find a Job
The Arts Endowment awarded 143 direct grants throughout Connecticut over the past 5 years